Cover Dance

Cover dance is now a popular way to spend leisure time, hobby, or competitive dance discipline. It is loved through the world and between k-pop enthusiasts. And what is it about?

Cover dance is dancing on the already created choreography from any artist - whether a soloist or a group. It is the imitation of the original motion music original choreography.

From fun and productive leisure it gradually became a separate competitive discipline. In the world, and especially in Asia, it is enjoying enormous popularity. It is the Asia, where is held a great number of the k-pop cover dance competitions. Enthusiasts from different countries diligently trained to such competitions to show their best performances. Winners may represent their country at the finals in South Korea.

Websites are full of enthusiasts who are sharing with us their pleasure through videos. We invite you to view samples included in the program:

EXO - Growl,

Millenium Boy - Thai group cover,

T-ara - Cry Cry,

St.319 - Vietnamese cover group.


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