The annual challenge of film directors and editors is here again. If you want to measure your strength with other rivals you have got the chance. Unleash a massive battle on the big screen and convince people that your video is the best. Make your way to hall of fame and let your name shine for eternity. Anime Music Video (AMV) contest of Nipponfest and Hangukon is knocking on the door. The competition is a projection of music videos that were created by the competitors. They contain scenes from anime accompanied by appropriate music. The registered AMV videos will be projected to the audience and jury. The jury will then decide the winner of the competition. Also one video can win the viewers choice. The names of the top videos and authors will announced at the closing ceremony of the festival. This year we have two categories.

Master of editors - classic category, where the winner is the best video from the all submitted videos. Also all videos, which meet the essential requirements (see technical requirements), will be part of this category by default. Originality is the thing that has the mayor weight. Secondary is the technical aspect of the video. That means that even a less skilled editor can win the competition if he presents a good or original idea.

Competition rules and technical requirements

  • The video must be self made (completely own work).
  • AMV video must contain at least 70% scenes of anime series (searchable on AniDB or my anime list).
  • The length of video must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds and maximum 5 minutes (together with closing credits).
  • The size of the video file can be up to 300 MB.
  • Minimum resolution is 640 x 480.
  • It is recommended to remove from the video vertical or horizontal black bars (letterbox, pillarbox). Also the video should not contain subtitles unless it is the intention of the author, because it may negatively reflect in the evaluation.
  • The video must have closing credits (located at the beginning or end of the video). It must include: name (or nickname), name of the AMV, list of anime series used, list of music used (name + artist).

Additional information

Videos that don’t met the minimum requirements will be automatically disqualified. Also a check will be preformed before the competition if the video is playable. If the format is inadequate, the contestant will be informed in advanced of the next steps. Author may register up to 2 AMV videos. Author is responsible for the content of his video. The organizer reserves the right to exclude videos that would violate the rules of good manners or SR (promotion of fascism, excessive violence, …).

The prizes for the winners (for the 1st place and viewers choice) will be handled only if the winner will be present or if there will be a person sent by the winner to collect prize for him. In case the author is not presented on festival, he will receive a diploma in electronic form. All winners will be also informed be e-mail.

Video registration and video handover

Registration for the competition is through email with subject AMV and including this registration information:

  • Name
  • Nick (optional)
  • Name of AMV
  • Link to AMV (link to the uploaded video. The video can be uploaded on any public accessible repository)
  • I am planning to visit the festival (yes/no) (In case „no“ if the competitor wins he will receive a diploma)
  • Notes (optional)

Contact information

For more questions, please contact the competition coordinator on mail address:

End date of registration

November 15, 2017