The idea of offering people a festival which would focus on Asian, and specifically Japanese and Korean culture, has been in the head of the chief organizer for years. Let´s accept it - the demand for festivals that would feature Japan related program grows every year. What little is available is just not enough. And what about Korean cultural events? There´s even fewer of those.

Nipponfest and Hangukon continue where we left off with our previous experience with festival organizing for a specific group of fans. We are talking about an event called Otakon which took place on 19th and 20th November 2011 in the house of culture Zrkadlový Háj in Bratislava, Petržalka. The main idea was no different from this year´s event, although it is true it was first of all a valuable rehearsal to us.

The program featured not only interesting presentations about the experience of two lady-travellers in Japan, but also an insight into Japanese history, mythology, martial arts and movies influenced by Japanese culture. A small lolita styled fashion show was just a nice addition to the well known singing and costume contests - karaoke and cosplay.

You could learn to play mahjong, test your coordination and dance skills in kinect games or traditional DDR. The program was also more diverse thanks to the Asian Information Centre in Bratislava. Apart from information about language projects, a workshop of origami (paper folding technique) brought another aspect of Japanese culture to our visitors.

After testing the Laser game, our visitors could enjoy an evening on the dance floor and welcome the Sunday with a second dosage of exciting program.

And all that in safety thanks to a group of volunteers who not only watched over the entrance but also overlooked the right flow of the program in various rooms. Our moderators provided you with information about the most interesting features of Otakon.

Otakon might have taken place in smaller numbers, but what little was missing in size was compensated by the atmosphere and quality program. We hope that Nipponfest and Hangukon can be just as successful.

Our aim is not only to educate and entertain people but also give them space to develop feelings towards eastern culture. Otakon helped us to start and we are grateful for it.