• Merry christmas

    Merry christmas

    Organizational team would like to wish you merry christmas and happy new year 2015. And don't forget to mark the date 13.11 - 15.11.2015...

  • Gratitude

    Dear visitors. Organizational team would like to thank you for an amazing weekend. We firmly believe that you had lots of fun and that you were full of unforgettable memories.

  • Program of convention inside your smartphones!

    Program of convention inside your smartphones!

    Dear visitors. Since we are a modern convention and we like our enviroment, we have prepared convention programe inside your own smartphone.

  • Anime discussion with visitors

    Anime discussion with visitors

    On Nipponfest & Hangukon we bring you some news after another. These include also a discussion before or after all anime in which you can participate as well.

  • Improvisation theater Funnylicious at Nipponfest & Hangukon

    Improvisation theater Funnylicious at Nipponfest & Hangukon

    Do you know the British show Fast and Loose? So you can look forward to their counterpart Funnylicious composed of several nationalities. Attention: a lot of laughing will be there. This show is in English language.

  • Workshop of the Origami Dolls

    Workshop of the Origami Dolls

    Little surprise for the lovers of hand-made souvenirs and presents!

  • Prizes for the competitions also from the Funtastic

    Prizes for the competitions also from the Funtastic

    Dear friends, have you already signed up to some competitions on our festival? Do not hesitate, you can win some amazing prizes also from the shop Funtastic.

  • Legend of the Five Rings & Nero Games

    Legend of the Five Rings & Nero Games

    Do you like to play board games? And what about card games? If the answer is yes, you will be certainly pleased that on the festival will be available not only catchy fantasy card game inspired by feudal Japan, but also the original card & board games from the Slovak production.

  • Lolita Fashion on our festival

    Lolita Fashion on our festival

    The first Slovak Lolita fashion brand - Lorinoko will be present with sales booth together with Czech brand Procelain Doll right on our convention.

  • Market stalls of the SVET OTAKU and FUNTASTIC

    Market stalls of the SVET OTAKU and FUNTASTIC

    Dear visitors, you can expand your collections of plush toys or manga also this year. After a good purchase in the Svet Otaku you will be able to play great games that will bring you Funtastic.

  • Comics' nook of Space Unicorn

    Comics' nook of Space Unicorn

    Dear visitors, we are pleased to announce you that this year we will be bring you once again the almighty Space Unicorn! What is it and what will bring to you?

  • An unforgettable disco at festival!

    An unforgettable disco at festival!

    Disco in our festival program? Are you going to visit us for the first time? Read on what a great party is waiting for you!

  • K-pop shop KPOP1004

    K-pop shop KPOP1004

    Dear fans of k-pop! We give you to the attention that in our festival will have its own selling point the Vienna k-pop shop KPOP1004.

  • Missha Cosmetics

    Missha Cosmetics

    Dear guests! Do you also include between the people who insist on quality cosmetics? If so, we give you to the attention that our festival will have a stand of well-known Korean cosmetic brand Missha.

  • Magic Cupcakes

    Magic Cupcakes

    Dear visitors! Do you also belong to those who would not say “no” to something sweet, which sweetens and brightens your day?

  • Attention sellers!

    Attention sellers!

    Are you a person that would like to open a shop at our convention? Do you know someone that would like to sell? Then read carefully.

  • Cover Dance

    Cover Dance

    Cover dance is now a popular way to spend leisure time, hobby, or competitive dance discipline. It is loved through the world and between k-pop enthusiasts. And what is it about?

  • Presale of tickets

    Presale of tickets

    Dear visitors. Many of you are impatient when will you be able to buy our tickets. If you are one of them, then read carefully...

  • Cosplay workshops

    Cosplay workshops

    Do you like cosplay? Do you want to know more about making the cosplay or make your own? In that case, feel free to visit our workshops focused on cosplay’s production. And who will tell us their professional secrets?

  • Cosplay panel

    Cosplay panel

    Dear fans and visitors! We are lucky that every year there are more and more people who choose to come to our festival dressed as their favourite hero or heroine. In order to make this phenomenon even more closer, we prepared Cosplay panel with a very special participants. Please, let us to make a brief recommend of them.

  • Giveaway


    Dear fans. Help us to promote our festival to your friends in order to learn about us and come to our cons. You can also win a nice price because of it!

  • Accomodation for our visitors

    Accomodation for our visitors

    Dear convention visitors. Many of you will come from far away places. The upcomming news is meant for you. Its about the accomodation.

  • Discount through animefest tickets

    Discount through animefest tickets

    Dear fans do you remember when we told you to store animefest tickets from this year? If you did what we have told you - you played it smart!

  • Kana - cosplay

    Kana - cosplay

    Dear fans and visitors. We promised you that we’ll improve our cosplay section this year and we plan on turning it to reality! As a proof we would like to reveal our first improvement to you. This year our cosplay contest will be managed by a cosplayer and it won’t be just anyone. Kana(Kanyan cosplay)! She’s well known within the cosplay world and not only in Slovakia.

  • Contest rules

    Dear visitors and fanus. Surely you are interrested in rules of all of the contests we are preparing for you. In that case you should definitelly visit our web section for contests that you will find under Information menu on our web page.

  • Ticket prices

    Dear visitors and fans. We would like to inform you about prices of tickets for our convention. Tickets will be sold on site and also there will be presale.

  • What are we preparing for you?

    Dear visitors and fans. I guess you are waiting for information regarding our convention program. Please let us introduce in summary what are we "cooking" for you this year.

  • New web

    Dear fans and visitors. We would like to welcome you on our brand new convention web. Weeks and months of honest work were spent on new web to reflect modern trends in web design, to be really easy to navigate, representative and last but not least - that you will like it.