K-pop CoverDance Contest

Do you like dancing and K-Pop? Do you want to stand on the stage and for one little moment feel as a K-Pop star? If all the answers are YES than this contest is made for you~ So don´t hesitate and combine this two things together and show us what you got. Take part in our competition Kpop Cover Dance Contest, which this year once again takes place at the Hangukon festival in Bratislava. Come to participate for beautiful K-Pop prizes, meeting new people and after all take part in the Hallyu wave which is spreading across the Europe like a lightning.


Competition rules

  • The commpetition is open for everyone without any age, nationality or sex restrictions
  • Only dance performances are allowed in the competition. You can show your singing skills in the karaoke competition
  • You can enter the competition with only one dance performance
  • The dance performance can consist of maximum three mixed songs
  • The songs cannot repeat. If one group filled in the registration form as first, the song is theirs and they can compete with this song. The second group which filled the form with the same song as the first, they can't compete with this song anymore and they must choose another song which isn't already taken. If we obtain your form with already taken song, we will send you a list with reserved songs so you can choose a song which is not in the list
  • The length of your performance should be from 2:50 to 5 minutes
  • The groups are not allowed to lend their members to another group
  • The winners will be picked by jury
  • Any kind of disrespect towards other performing groups or solo performers will be not tolerated

Any other questions please send to [email protected]



Registration is made via mail. The mail must contain subject "Showcase registracia". Registration requests send to: [email protected]

Registration infortation

  • Name individual performer or group*:
  • Stage names in case of group:
  • Firstname and Surname*: (all members in case of group)
  • Contact mail*:
  • Name of song and artist*:
  • Lenght of performance*:
  • Special requirements for perfomance (microphone, ...):
  • Something about group/performer:

*required information


End date of registration

November 6, 2016