Cosplay contest

Famous cosplayer Yaya Han wrote on her web: What is the better way to show my childhood love for the anime/manga fandom than to "become" my favorite characters?

We hope that yours are not forgotten as well and you will join our Cosplay contest. You don't have to make costume only from anime/manga! It doesn't matter if costume will be inspired by video games, movies, comics, music bands or maybe your own original design, you're all welcome! :)

This year we will have three experienced judges.

The first one is Hermy, who will be in charge of the whole competition. She is dedicated to Cosplay since 2009, she cosplayed female but also male characters from various media. She focuses primarily on organizing and conducting group cosplays and role-plays in the cosplay theater (group Forever Second), which received multiple awards - such as cosplays and scenes from Star Wars, Tekken and others.
She is also known from various conventions as a lecturer with lectures mainly about cosplay, animation, Harry Potter and Doctor Who fandom. Cosplay production and the scene is also given in the Space Unicorne Cosplay 101.

The other two judges will be introduced later.

You can enter the contest till 11.07.2015. For more information, see the section "competition".

Feel free to sew and experiment,

Nipponfest and Hangukon organization team