PokemonPocket monsters are here since 1996 and they spread like a virus around the whole world. At first it was a series of video games for portable gaming console, but it quickly got popularized and gradually were made anime tv series, manga, toys, stickers, figurines and trading cards. This virus still hasn't got a proper cure – evidence is the Pokémon GO, which should attack us in 2016. Unfortunately, our festival Nipponfest caught this virus too and literally it has mutated! :)

But do not worry, you do not have to prepare any Potion or Full Heal. Just come and play at our:


Pokémon evolve from basic level into Stage 1 and Stage 2. However, in Mutant Draft: In the same type group, for example: basic water type pokémon such as Horsea can evolve to Stage 1 Poliwhirl, and further to Stage 2 water pokémon Blastoise. Just like in fighting type group basic Trampinch can evolve into Stage 1 Mienshao who can evolve into Stage 2 Machamp. Or basic fire type Tepig can evolve into fire Semiseara Stage 1. And so on.

Registration for tournament will take place directly at the venue. Admission cost wil be 4 euros! More information and contact can be found here:

Tournament is organized by Funtastic.

Yours organization team